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Riddles of Monkey Island: time to recruit for this fan game!

posted by OzzieMonkey on - last edited - Viewed by 16.8K users
Yes, that's right, I'm making a monkey island fan game after the fan game post on the tales blog (thanks SWP) inspired me to do so. Only
thing is, it's just the highway and me working on it, so I want you guys, the MI fan community to pitch in and help
make a successful game, whether that's giving story ideas or volunteering for a specific position. I'm also going to be holding auditions for voice actors aswel ( although guybrush is taken, well, at least one of them, hehe), but for now any contributions to content would be great.

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  • Well, have you got a basic storyline idea at the moment?
  • I'll ask again here...Can I voice Stan, please? Also, do you need a composer?
  • Can he voice Stan, please? :D

    By the way, speaking of characters. Which already-existing Monkey Island characters are you planning to feature in the game? Because, it really would be best to have some sort of list of available positions in the initial post, both for voice acting positions as well as other (like what we saw in the 'I wonder what happened' thread and the 'IWWHIIWWHITOMIROTPG' thread). It's just that seeing the list of positions may act as a bit of an incentive for some people to step forward.
  • Let him voice Stan please, he finishes what he starts.
  • You know who's really good at plot-writing/editing/scripting? Me.
  • Hmm, this project intrigues me. I shall favorite this thread and wait for further advancements.

    BTW, I can be animator.
  • Ok, let's see. I'm an EXPERT in doing... you know... plenty of... stuff. Believe me, you can not do this project without me! Hire me now! NOW!

    For instance, I can... choose font styles! Also, i can take a look at other people's drawings and tell if is it any good! How about that?!

    Also, i do plenty of voice-overs - trees, cannibals-without-a-script, quite-improper-yelling-monkeys, pirates who say Ni...
  • Ok, here's a list of voices I need so far:
    The Voodoo Lady Lechuck
    Guybrush as a child
    Elaine as a child
    old man Guybrush
    John Decringe (a reference to Joseph Decreaux and Desinge)
    SilverWolfPet is now cast as Stan (yay :guybrush:)
    I'm also wanting to try and work Largo in, but we'll see.

    Anyways, what I have so far is that it will be set between Monkey Island 2 and Curse, not making my own "Monkey Island 3" or anything but just a "what if?" that you do not under any circumstances have to follow as canon (duh, it's a fan game!) but if you want to that's also fine:D

    The main focus will be going through the carnival trying to escape but you will also be able to go to secret locations on Monkey Island that haven't been seen ever before, just so I don't have to rely on using old backgrounds.

    This brings me to my next point. I need background artists.
  • OzzieMonkey;403269 said:
    I need background artists.




    (can i do something else?)
  • Edward VanHelgen;403280 said:




    (can i do something else?)
    I have no idea why, but I feel compelled to use that in a puzzle.

    Oh, yeah, that's right, 2 more things; I need a puzzle designer and a composer.
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