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BTTF Fan Films

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Hi. So I was standing on the toilet trying to hang a clock and had this idea --

Just wondered what people know about the acceptability of Back to the Future fan films. Obviously I'm not going to SELL it, but I want to do a couple. Has there ever been any issues filmmakers have run into?

My friend looks a fair bit like Marty McFly so I was going to do one with Marty Jr assisting Doc with something. 'It's your parents, Marty Jr, something's got to be done about your parents!' perhaps :P

Just want to pay tribute that's all.

I'm about to go live and teach in Shanghai too so I would probably have a short set there too! :P Doc taking Marty on a mission spanning 1920s China -- we could have the Tans, the Tannens' Asian counterparts... -- colonial China/Europe and ancient China. Or how would people feel if I was to do Jules, Verne and, say, Marty Jr & Marlene? :P
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