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Alan Wake graphics style for Jurassic Park

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First of all I'm extremely happy that my favorite movie of all time has finally been given a new chance in video game format, and from a great competent developer to boot. I loved the old 2D games for NES, SNES and Mega Drive/Genesis but all subsequent JP games have been mediocre at best. By the time I heard that Telltale was going to make a new JP game I was playing Alan Wake on the 360, and thats when I realised that the graphics style of that game would be perfect for JP. Of course I don't expect Telltale to go trough all the trouble of licensing the Alan Wake graphics engine, I don't even think they should because it had really awfull facial animations. But I think that the look of the environments in Alan Wake is the style Telltale should try to get for the JP game.
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