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The Obligatory at the Inventory Fan Art Thread

posted by GinnyN on - last edited - Viewed by 11K users
Because I already did enough material. Ok, not quite. But anyway ^^!

This is called "Self insert fan art".


And I just said, "Why not?"

Poker Night icons

Download here!
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  • It would be better off as a png rather than a jpg.
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    Jennifer Moderator
    lombre;408633 said:
    How it is that there are no drawings of Ash shoving Max into a baseball yet?
  • Jennifer;409692 said:
    Whos that random girl.
  • OttersPod;409074 said:
    First thing that popped into my head during Tycho's monologue speech

    Epic. At least Tycho isn't telling us what the hedgehog he was talking about had said.
  • Gman5852;409360 said:
    Using sunnyguys icons and the texas holdem which I enlarged(but it is blurry) I created this icon.
    Yes I fail at icons but it was a speed job.
    that probably wouldn't work. no offence, and i know you said it was a speed job, but really there isn't much point of making an icon image if it doesn't look good enough to use.
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    Jennifer Moderator
    Gman5852;409856 said:
    Whos that random girl.
    It's a representation of me, or my webcomic half, since the strip is from my webcomic. I'm there because this strip is going to be a setup to a longer story arc. :)
  • Hey I got a new way to work on photos so I reworked my old icon

    And its PNG to those that for whatever reason wanted it like that.

    Interesting on how it looks old. I never did that, so I guess I will still work on it.
    And now the background is black. Ugh...
    Ok You should all get the idea I was looking for so yeah.
  • Why did I take so long to look at this thread? These drawings are awesome! (Especially Ginny's)
  • One of these doodles was based on a Poker Night line, so I guess it goes here too.

    Just quick doodles of stuff I felt like drawing. Sam on a leash (what can I say? I found the idea amusing >.>), a visual representation of one of Max's lines in Poker Night at the Inventory (I would like to do this one properly some day) and that Samulacra/Doggleganger with the plush bunny...about to be stepped on by the giant Maxthulhu/Maxzilla/Eldricth Abomination Max/whatever. Yeah, drawing the last one made me kinda sad, that doggy was so adorable with the bunny why did they have to kill it D:
  • Cheri;407734 said:

    During my playing of Poker Night, and re-reading Penny Arcade, I realize that the way I draw myself looks very akin to Gabe, but with Tycho hair colour, sorta. So it led to this. Cheri's dialogue comes from an earlier piece of fanart, where...well, it was assumed Cheri was a lovechild of Skun-ka'pe and Papierwaite.

    I love when I have to explain jokes. :I
    Fun times! Okay everyone, time to play "How many non-married homsexual couples can presumably be the parents of Cheri?" Current count is: 2!
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