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Spoilers In This Thread: Lines You Liked

posted by Teliko on - last edited - Viewed by 4K users
"I'm not holding Pokemon cards over here."

Surprise reference I didn't see coming. Any other good lines people have heard?
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  • The "Max and Crossbones" one
  • crfh wrote: »
    The "Max and Crossbones" one

    Hmm dont have that one yet. Ill see if I can unlock it soon.
  • I got mine after I won 17 tournaments
  • crfh wrote: »
    I just wanted to say Max's lines are 300% more hilarious when he's a skeleton :D

    I'll have to keep my eyes closed when playing with that table on...

    I'll have to mash my keys in hopes of winning big, in that case.
  • It's hard for me to choose which quotes i liked, since I pretty much love everything Tycho says, especially this one:

    Tycho: "I'm gonna be 100% honest with you. You should call me." ;) :D
  • Okay, just found the convo about PAX. Holy crap..."Tie-cho"..."F-in chuwero"... it's like all my dream dialogues in one conversation
  • I love Strong Bad's taking apart of Tycho too. Seriously, I'm not sure which one is more full of himself.

    But yeah just in general most of the lines are pretty awesome. One of my favorites is when Heavy says "You are like dumb. Dumb like engineer trying to kill man with wrench. You must fight with weapons." particularly since he says it pretty much to everyone EXCEPT me. Also there's his other line, which while not as good, is hilarious when he rolls his eyes which happens often.
  • It's more the expression when the line in said(which can be enhanced with creepiness on a certain table):

  • "Jesus crunchy CHRIST." by Tycho.

    Also, Max's notorious "Make a CALM and RATIONAL DECISION!"
  • Tycho trying to make me call if I hover over the call button.

    "Call. Lest YOU be called, 'a pansy'."

    "You MUST call this hobo!"

    If he's referring to...

    Heavy: (a bit...reproachfully? Maybe?) "My uncle is hobo."
    Max: "I LOVE hobos!"
    Strong Bad: I don't really remember, but it's the normal Strong Bad macho posturing IIRC.

    I also had the one where everyone points their gun at Tycho as he gets busted out first, that was hilarious. I also suddenly realised I felt naked without a gun myself.
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