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Spoilers In This Thread: Lines You Liked

posted by Teliko on - last edited - Viewed by 4.4K users
"I'm not holding Pokemon cards over here."

Surprise reference I didn't see coming. Any other good lines people have heard?
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  • Oops, my bad. Sorry guys.
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    NickTTG Telltale Staff
    Teliko wrote: »
    Tycho just said something about ****ing a girraffe or something. What the hell. I love you Telltale, I've never laughed harder.

    Also, they will constantly tell stories and talk if you leave it on the Click Anywhere to Deal Next Hand screen in case someone just wanted to hear them talk.

    This also increases the chance that you'll run through all the dialog before you play for too long. If you plan on playing for a bit and unlocking stuff, just play through normally. Otherwise, you'll start hearing dupes sooner
  • No sir, Sb still bleeps even with them turned off.

    Even with bleeping turned off, the subtitles are still asterisks.

    That's what I meant though. His weren't so it was obvious that it was bleeped no matter what.
  • "Where are you spy? I know you are here sabotaging cards! I never get good hand."

    At that moment, I sympathised, given I hadn't won a hand in the last 20.
  • I know this isn't a line but, did you guys see the bananng in the air vent before reaching The Inventory? How about Sam just right before you meet Winslow? There's also Flint Paper, Momma Bosco, Girl Stinky, some guy from Wallace and Grommit, and Bluster blaster? Also look closley at the pictures in the background. Noticble ones for me were some guy from the Mann family, Sammus and Maximus, and Sam and Max.
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