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Spoilers In This Thread: Lines You Liked

posted by Teliko on - last edited - Viewed by 3.4K users
"I'm not holding Pokemon cards over here."

Surprise reference I didn't see coming. Any other good lines people have heard?
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  • Pak-Man;406570 said:
    I love that the Heavy listed "Where's an Egg" as his homeland's favorite game.
    That was brilliant.
  • I like Max's line about trying to make me feel guilty by using his cute bunny face. Max, you don't HAVE a cute bunny face. Your bunny face is all scary and whatnot.
  • SunnyGuy;406717 said:
    Good lord, that conversation about giraffes with Tycho and Max. Oh man, that was ****ing priceless XD
    The best part of that was Max's horrified reaction shot when Tycho starts talking about wrapping his legs around the giraffe's neck.
  • I was going to post my favourite lines last night, but after reading through this thread, it temporarily slipped my mind. I've remembered now though! It's the part where Max is talking about the man doing the 10k run. That had me laughing quite a bit. Overall, though, I think I've found Strong Bad to be the funniest.
  • I played for 20 minutes. Some lines slew me. There's too many catchphrases (Heavy weapons guy especially), but all in all the writing's pretty sharp. I think the one that made me laugh hardest was "I didn't know cards could sodomize"; the line itself isn't especially clever or funny, but I laughed a lot.

    I really like how characters who lose go hang around The Inventory and shoot the shit with the other guys. That, to me, is good game writing: they don't just sulk. They don't disappear. They walk around and do things, which is something only games can do. (Well, movies have extras but you know what I mean.)
  • The Heavy explaining that he prefers Where's An egg than Tetris
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