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Spoilers In This Thread: Lines You Liked

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"I'm not holding Pokemon cards over here."

Surprise reference I didn't see coming. Any other good lines people have heard?
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  • I like the dialogue where Strongbad gets pissed at Max and calls him stitch. /lol
  • I also like how Strongbad ask the Heavy to do a prank to the King of Town, only to find out that the Heavy mistook it as to murdering the king of town.
  • I laso like how the Heavy wants to have sex? with Tyco's wife because she has red hair. It is hilarious since his facial expression made Tyco reconsider since he originally said somethin to the likes of that he would not share or give to the Heavy.
  • Combo Breaker!
    I like the parts where Tycho creeps out the other characters with his animal fetishes. Also I'm a go do my obligitory wiki plug: If you know what they're saying, add it.
  • Tycho's giraffe fantasy. 'Nuff said.

    Ooh, ooh! And when you take too long, and Tycho says, "Could we hurry this up? I've got kids at home. Alone. With access to KNIVES."
  • Heavy Weapons Guy recommending guns to Max was awesome to me, I loved it
  • When you eliminate Tycho for playing and he says: "Well, now it's time for..." Inmediately sounds weapons being loaded and the familiar sound of Shasha's mecanism rolling. The whole table is pointing their weapons towards Tycho while he is with his hand in his pocket.

    Tycho continues: "Wooooow, eeeasy, guys... it's time for going out for a drink". He was serching for his wallet, I think. xD

    After that all the guys yell "Oooooooh". Everybody put down his gun. Max throws away his pistol back him. xD

    I think this scene is played when Tycho is the first eliminated. Cool scene, one of the most funnies! xD
  • Max: Nobody expects the Langomorph Inquisition!!


    Heavy: (Hums Funeral March as he leaves)

    Both priceless XD
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