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[Poker Night] I have no graphics!

posted by RAnthonyMahan on - last edited - Viewed by 265 users
I know there are a lot of bug threads already, but I didn't see one for this already, and I need help.

So, I downloaded the game. (Telltale Store, not Steam. If that changes anything.) I see the opening logo. Eventually everything disappears but the second "t" in the logo, which stays there for quite a while. It takes me to the menu screen, but instead of the outside of The Inventory in the background I just see an empty black space. I go into Options to see if turning down the graphics quality might change things...only to see the options menu is blank. They list my various options, but I can't see what I'm changing it to. (For example, it says "DIFFICULTY", but there's a blank space where the current difficulty setting should be.)

I say to myself it should work out if I just start playing, but no dice. The sound is there, but I see nothing but black space.

Please help me. :(
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