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Totally love this game. One concern, though - after playing it for a while, eventually they're gonna tell the same old stories and have the same old conversations. Now, for $5, what do I expect, right? Sure. But I would pay Real American Cash Money for more dialogue and more characters.

The extra characters wouldn't even have to play - it could be Sam stopping in to see what's going on, watching the game and commenting from the peanut gallery. Or The Cheat could drop by and fill in for Strong Bad while he goes to the bathroom. ;)

Just have fun with it! :D
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  • Yup. I'd certainly pay money for more content. I'd certainly want more dialogue and if telltale chose to have extra characters that would be pretty amazing. Seeing Gabe and Tycho or the Heavy and the Scout bickering would be great. it could be implemented as someone one mentioned, i.e. sam coming in and interacting with max. that would be feasable i think.
  • I would like to see Gabe pop in....and Sam of course.
  • lombre;406878 said:
    I'd pay $4 or so for four new characters and new dialogue. (I say $4 because I figure the characters and dialogue are pretty much 4/5 of the $5 Poker Night.) As far as which characters to choose, I'd go with a few less obvious choices. I can see some hilarious interactions between Bubs, Momma Bosco, Gabe, and the Medic. After all, we already know that Momma Bosco goes to the Inventory based on the opening cinematic.
    Four new characters, would mean four times as much dialogue (from 16 "units of monologue" directed at another character, including the Player, to 64), so $12 would be a more reasonable price.
  • Yep, I'll throw a pile of real money at Telltale for some serious expansion work. Extra characters would be my first choice, at least 4 more. People (animals? creatures?) like Sam, Gabe (if Max can play, anyone can, pants or not), the Scout (he's a natural trash talker), Bubs... Marty McFly, etc.
    And Speaking of McFly, on the subject of adding characters from additional licenses, Bender would indeed be an absolute joy and a obvious choice if somehow Telltale could pull that one off. I can see it already. But I won't hold my breath on that one.

    But yes. Expansion. More characters. Throwings of bricks of monies at Telltale.
    Maybe with enough characters there can be a series of games forming a real tournament.
  • Danest;407613 said:
    Bender would indeed be an absolute joy and a obvious choice if somehow Telltale could pull that one off.
    The company that made the terrible Futurama video game from a while back went under, so I think the gaming rights to Futurama are up for grabs.

    I doubt that Comedy Central would be willing to participate in something like that, though. The easiest characters to implement in future Inventory games are ones who are creator-owned. You'll notice three of the four characters in Poker Night are creator-owned.
  • Oh, and Guybrush while we're at it.
  • Parasol;406860 said:
    The main thing I'd want is a female character though, say Elaine or someone...
    I notice Girl-Stinky has come back from the dead in this game (as has Momma Bosco but that was *canon*). You couldn't tell what she was up to in the Sam&Max games so bluffing in poker would kind of fit.
  • Parasol;406860 said:
    Expansions would work oddly, because they'd need to record crazy amounts of dialogue between the existing characters and the new characters each time...
    Not entirely. Sure you need some new conversation material, but you basically just need to record the interaction with the new character and the old group. Or, you could pair it with another expansion character, where there would also be interaction with that other character.

    Eventually, when a new expansion pack is released, this would still count. Put interaction between the old group and the new bunch, as well as interaction between each other.

    Eventually though people also want interaction between the first and second expansion pack, so there would be a free expansion available automatically for those who own these two expansions, so that interaction could happen between these two packs.

    But yeah, might be a tad too complicated.

    Oh, and I would love for some very strange other-license characters, like Otra from Girly, or Jake the Dog from Adventure Time. You know you want the last one, especially if Bender would be added as well. The interaction between Jake and Bender would just implode the game. And your face.

    Talking about imploding faces, why not TMBG? Or any other band Telltale Games loves?

    Talking about love, how about Scott Pilgrim? Eh? Or perhaps some other better known comic license.

    Like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Or...
  • I would also love to see this game expanded! So many great opportunities for characters from different games to interact.
  • Yeah, ever since I found out how AWEXOME DLC could be, I just want more. Games with DLC make the game 100 times more AWEXOME. It's why I bought Scott Pilgrim on PS3 also, because it has the DLC for Knives Chau already, and the XBox360 version doesn't.
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