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Another case of inability to activate

posted by kevinc on - last edited - Viewed by 291 users
I purchased the entire series of Sam & Max on Jan 12th, downloaded the files for ep1 and ep2 on my internal product page, but after installing a splash screen informs me that this is only the demo.

Selecting the option of having purchased the game, I'm prompted to contact your support service about an activation code. After doing so, I promptly receive an automated response from your support service, but receive nothing else. There is a window of about two days where I was unable to access an Internet connection (around the 25th), when it's possible that you could have sent me a response. But since I don't check this e-mail account every day and Hotmail deletes my trash folder very frequently, I haven't seen it.

On Jan 29th I send your support service another e-mail (and receive the ensuing automatically generated response), but I have still not received any resolution from your support service.

I don't really have either time or interest in playing the game(s) anymore now, and I could have postponed my purchase until the summer, enlarging my savings by then, had I known about the difficulties encountered in this transaction.

On a side-note I wonder how long a customer is to wait? Or perhaps more relevant is whether these issues ever get resolved at all? This lack of service must certainly have a negative impact on people who once considered buying more of your titles.
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  • Hi Kevin,

    We responded to both of your support requests the same day you sent them. I'm sorry they didn't reach you, but unfortunately we can't control what happens to an email once we've sent it. I will PM you right now with the same information we sent in email.

    If you want us to refund your money, that's fine, I can do that. Just let me know if that's how you want to proceed and I'll take care of it.
  • Thanks for the swift reply!

    Still, I'd like to clarify something. Am I lead to believe that if I'm able to find a stable Internet connection (meaning somewhere else :( as the campus connection here in Hong Kong is rather "volatile"), I should be able to download non-corrupted installation archives that are exempt to the need of manually inputting an activation code?

    Particular kudos to your creative department - keep up the qualitatively good work with the products and the timeliness of their launches. With time, even I might get to explore the depths of them...;)
  • Yes, the problem is the internet connection. (At least, that's what we've been told by the people who run the activation server.) Firewalls, proxy servers, and sometimes it seems plain old bad luck can prevent the game from talking to the activation server, which then requires manual activation. If you use an internet connection that doesn't have this problem, you'll probably be able to activate automatically.

    You might want to take a look at this page for more info about how Season 1 customers can get their games:

    Since email didn't seem to be working for us, feel free to PM me with support questions in the future.
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