Post your great rounds.



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    furrykef wrote: »
    Er, no, the hand described is very possible.

    crfh: QJ
    Max: AA
    Board: AAKT8

    Thus crfh has AKQJT and Max has AAAAK.


    Oh right, I dunno why my mind inmediately thought of "normal" poker (forgot the proper name). Silly me :o
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    This happened.

    And then this happened.

    Consecutively in the same game.
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    Duuuh sorry, yeah. That's what I meant. XD
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    I was playing against just Max, because everyone else folded, and I had an Ace of Spades and a 10 of Spades. Max had an Ace of Hearts and a 10 of Hearts. We tied.
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    First round I get a pair of queens right at the beggining and me and max keep betting till we are all in and I beat his pair of Jacks. Second round I win bringing Strong Bad to 4000. Third round I knock out Strong Bad. Fourth round I lose. Fifth round I beat Heavy and Tycho winning the tournament without ever having the blinds raised
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    I--only once--managed to get everyone to go all in on the first hand. It was close. Things were tense. I was ready to duck the fire from Heavy's minigun.

    Then I got a straight that was ONE CARD HIGHER than everybody else, who, by the way, also had straights. (Thanks to the straight in the five cards.) Instawin.
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    I have an absolutely amazing round the other day. The community cards were a 10, two Jacks, a Queen, as well as a King. Tycho and Max had folded, but Strong Bad and the Heavy were both going all-in. It was obvious that they both had a straight, as well as they did.
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    I was playing earlier tonight, seeing if I could get one of the last 3 achievements I need, and I had what might have been one of the most crazy finishes ever.

    Now, I'm not good at poker, so most of my wins are blind luck. I had set the difficulty to hard to see if I could get the "win a game - hard" achievement. I was loosing pretty badly, and I had only about $2000 left. I ended up going all-in, even though I had some pretty low cards. Tycho and Strong Bad went into a betting war, until they both went all-in as well. Everyone showed their cards, and the host declared the results. Tycho had a straight. Strong Bad had a flush. And I had a straight flush.

    I was floored. I mean, getting a straight flush is crazy as it is, but what are the odds of that happening. I honestly wish I took a screenshot of it, but was too shocked to hit that ~ key.

    In the end, both of them were knocked out, and I had over $30,000. Unfortunately, I ended up loosing quite badly when going 1-on-1 with Max.
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    I just recall knocking out three of the characters at once with a flush one time. I can't even remember which characters it was or what my cards were.
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