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Post your great rounds.

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Like the title says, this is where you tell us about some super lucky(or funny) play that happened in Poker Night, dont post dialoge because there is a thread about that already. This is more on the plays that caught your attention.

I just recently had the heavy go all in, and I was hoping for something good so I went all in as well, only for Strong Bad to go all in and bet his dangeresque glasses. This was at the very begining as well so not all the cards where in yet(why the heavy went all in that early Ill never know) and it showed the first set of cards which gave strong bad an advantage. Followed by the next set for strong bad to win, but I didnt notice I had a Flush the entire time during all this. I won the dangeresque glasses and eliminated Strong Bad and the Heavy in one swoop without even thinking I would win.

So post any of your good plays here.
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  • I had to pause my game to get this in. Max bought in with his gun and badge. On the first round, both Max AND the Heavy went all in. I went all in, and I won. I eliminated both of them AND I won Max's buy-in, ALL ON THE FIRST TURN. Best round EVER.

    Hey that happened to me with the dangeresque glasses. of course getting both the lugermorph and the license to maim is better.
  • Just won a tournament that I was lucky to still be involved in after the a bad first hand left me with $400. Was just happy to survive at that point, managed to claw myself up to about $5k after a few good calls, then had a great round which put me up to around £25k and in a good position to win the tournament, which I did.
  • I had a major comeback against Tycho the other day. It was down to us two, and I had just lost majorly on the round that knocked out the last players. I clung on with about $1000 to $49000. I thought to myself, "you know what? I might as well go all in, because this is just going to drag out forever if I don't." So what happens? I win the round. Of course, I still didn't feel very confident, so I repeated the process several times until I was on level enough ground to do some damage. I must have won 3-4 consecutive all ins with relatively terrible hands (mostly random combinations of single digit cards). Once I got on steady ground, I played a slightly more conservative game and won on a final big all in (we were about even, each in the $20000 range).
    I suppose it's not much compared to you guys, but I totally suck at poker. And it was the first time I won a tournament (of 2, out of 14 games now or something... yeah)
  • Well, I didn't win, but one time Strong Bad went all in, and so did everyone else, including me. Hell I expected getting a Royal Flush before that happened.

    Heavy won the hand with a Straight by the way.
  • So I was playing on Hard, Tycho and I were the only ones left. We were constantly exchanging chips, I win a hand, he wins the next hand, I win the following hand etc. So after 20 min, we even out around $20,000. I say @#&$ it and bet all in on a 7 and 4. He calls and he has 7 and 5. The River gets dealt and a 7 and 4 shows up. I'm all like "Damn!" because 99% of the time, the computer gets the card to win. Sure enough, here comes the g-damn 5. I was about to quit when suddenly the poker gods take a golden turd and make sunshine, here comes the 4! VICTORY IS MINE!!!! Plus I got the achievement. HEY EVERYONE, DRINKS ON ME!!!!
  • I have an absolutely awesome round the other day. The community cards were a 10, two Jacks, a Queen, and a King. Tycho and Max had folded, but Strong Bad and the Heavy were both going all-in. It was obvious that they both had a straight, and they did. I went all-in too, but I didn't have a straight. I had a full house with three Jacks and two Queens. It was a great "Oh yeah? Well take THIS!" moment.
  • So after 20 min, we even out around $20,000. I say @#&$ it and bet all in on a 7 and 4.
    It wouldn't have taken long to wait for a better hand to say @#&$ it on. :P
  • furrykef wrote: »
    It wouldn't have taken long to wait for a better hand to say @#&$ it on. :P

    This may be true, but knowing Tycho, he probably would have tricked me into going all in on a 3 high. So better to shoot first, then ask myself "why I suck at poker" questions later. Now I can go back to Black Mesa and afford some proper safety equipment...

    Yes, I am making a poorly constructed reference to the Player being Gordon Freeman

  • I just managed to knock Tycho, Heavy, and Strong Bad out in the first two hands (unfortunately, I forgot the specifics, but the one that got the Heavy was a higher straight than his). Unfortunately, Max took me another 15 or so hands, but I got him.
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