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Post your great rounds.

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Like the title says, this is where you tell us about some super lucky(or funny) play that happened in Poker Night, dont post dialoge because there is a thread about that already. This is more on the plays that caught your attention.

I just recently had the heavy go all in, and I was hoping for something good so I went all in as well, only for Strong Bad to go all in and bet his dangeresque glasses. This was at the very begining as well so not all the cards where in yet(why the heavy went all in that early Ill never know) and it showed the first set of cards which gave strong bad an advantage. Followed by the next set for strong bad to win, but I didnt notice I had a Flush the entire time during all this. I won the dangeresque glasses and eliminated Strong Bad and the Heavy in one swoop without even thinking I would win.

So post any of your good plays here.
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  • Did this while trying for the "Down to the Green" Steam achievement. (Got it after the second hand.) First hand, everyone else folded. Second hand, got Strong Bad and the Heavy with a pair of 2s. Third hand, took out Max and Tycho on a pair of Queens.
  • ME: I wonder how long I can go just going all in.

    *goes all in every hand, fails to lose once*

    WINSLOW: The Player wins the Tournament.

    ME: Holy crap, really?
  • I don't remember which character I was playing against, I think it was the Heavy.
    I'm dealt a pair of queens, so I lead with a raise.
    Flop comes 2 2 3. "Okay, two pair, let's go with another small raise, don't scare them off too early."
    Turn is another 2. "Well, that makes a full house for me. Let's see what we can milk out of their chip stack."
    River card comes up... 2. Yep, the BOARD got a four-of-a-kind. Insert sound of jaw dropping here.

    Final result? Heavy had been dealt a 5 4 off-suit. He had been throwing chips at an open-ended straight draw, but I won with a queen as kicker.
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    How about this one, both me and the heavy had THREE pair and mine was KK, QQ and JJ - I won because the heavy had a pair of 7's instead of kings :D
    (note: As you can see I was affected by the invisible card bug in this hand, so I could not see that I had 2 kings until the very end :eek:)


    And in another game, I was astonished when the flop consisted of nothing else but kings, which matched nicely to my Ace-King :D I then played it slow because I wanted the "Four of a Kind" achievement, but I need not have worried because Tycho tried to bluff me by going all-in with utterly worthless cards - that's why he's looking rather ill in this screenshot :D


    I would love to see a screenshot of someone getting a Straight Flush or even better a Royal Flush, I have not been able to get either of those yet despite playing 1478 hands so far :(
  • First turn on hard.
    Me and others ended up going to all in.
    Tycho won entire tournament on first turn.
  • I knocked out Heavy and Tycho at the same time, thus winning the game.
  • I went all in with Max and I had a great hand, I think it was the highest straight (A,K,Q,J,10). It was the last round of the game, we were equals, I had twenty something K and he had a little bit more. Just a little.

    And then that tiny fuzzy bastard hit me with four of a kind... all A. >:(

    I bet my roar was heard in the next state.

    But I still love you, Max XD
  • crfh;415447 said:
    I think it was the highest straight (A,K,Q,J,10).

    And then that tiny fuzzy bastard hit me with four of a kind... all A. >:(

    So Max cheated? =P
  • They don't use a single deck in this game.
  • SunnyGuy;415448 said:
    So Max cheated? =P
    Er, no, the hand described is very possible.

    crfh: QJ
    Max: AA
    Board: AAKT8

    Thus crfh has AKQJT and Max has AAAAK.
    crfh;415455 said:
    They don't use a single deck in this game.
    I have no idea where you get that idea. All poker is played with a single deck, and Poker Night is no exception. Maybe you're confused because the cards on the board are shared by all players?
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