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Bug with split pot + item

posted by hanzov69 on - Viewed by 222 users
I skimmed the forums, and I don't see anyone else reporting this.
If I've missed it, forgive me.

If a player (IE StrongBad) is playing with collateral and busts on a split pot, you don't win the item, and they don't leave the table. They sit there, silent, for the remainder of the tourney.

It's a tough one to reproduce, but here it is, step by step.

Have another player using an item for collateral, we'll say StrongBad.
Have a hand with a pot that pushes StrongBad "All In".
Split the pot with another player, IE Max.
The pot is correctly split, but you don't win StrongBad's item (sort of makes sense).
There is no exit animation/script, instead StrongBad will simply remain sitting at the table. However, none of the other players will interact with him, and he will remain quiet the entire time.

Winning the overall tournament doesn't yield the item either, which doesn't make sense.
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