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Law&Order - bad sound, bad graphics, is it me?

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*sigh* the second thread for today, I'm sorry...

Also, two major problems:

Sound: Music is too loud to understand language
The people talk very low, the music is louder than the people's talking. Hard to understand anything. Subtitles are nice, but it sucks, that you have to read it yourself. Please, can't be that difficult to fix that. ;)

Graphic: No dog-animation, hard shapes
What the...? Two things are bothering my eyes:
1. The dog in the study room is not moving. I first thought that is a fluffy toy. The whole graphic is very raw in fact.
2. When you see people like the witness in front of the victim's house, the person has very sharp shapes (yeah, a German speaks English, hope you understand what I write ;o) ), no anti-aliasing.
The graphic is really bad. That's no fun. :mad:

Telltale, before selling a game, please TEST it and FIX bugs (and in L&O are plenty!! Like when using the laptop in the office this thing displays "analysing" and nothing happens, but the screen gets dark when leaving the laptop).

I know Emily is replying a lot, but these are things, that will get me to demand a refund. A not playable game. :mad:
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  • Before telling me I'm insane, see attached screenshot (the error message is in german, that's true. sorry but I don't have an english windows installed ;) ).

    The bug with the laptop I wrote of before appears every time I use the laptop and it says "analysing". What happens if I want to go to the main menu can be seen at the screenshot :mad: ARGH!

    In this second the game crashed it's 5th time, in between a dialogue with the captain, and I'm really, REALLY mad about this. I spent here in germany over 22$ (16$ + tax) to have a game that is not running?! No way.
  • Law & Order is a third-party game. We didn't make it, and we aren't able to fix any bugs in it. I'm sorry you're having trouble with it though. :(

    We try to choose third-party games that are similar to Telltale's games, and in the case of Law & Order, we like it because of the story and because of the type of gameplay (similar to our own CSI games).

    To get help with the technical issues, you can email Legacy Interactive, who made the game. Otherwise, I can give you your money back if you want.
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