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What if you have already preorder Back to the Future

posted by Gman5852 on - last edited - Viewed by 568 users
I would love the card game too, but I already preorderd back to the future, do I still get the free card game?
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  • It would be nice, but I doubt it. I too have already pre-ordered it. You would have to pay shipping for the card game as well.
  • Alright Telltale, this is not cool. :mad:
    I thought that you would've rewarded those of us who PRE-ordered the game early. Instead you've pulled one over on those of us who had enough faith in you and the BTTF game that we pre-ordered early.
    I know that this deal may be to reel in those who are unsure about pre-ordering, but what about those of us who have been on board since day 1?

    BTW, this is my first post. I'm a HUGE fan of anything BTTF and am outraged that I am being punished for my early pre-order.

    I guess that next time all of us better wait until the very last possible second to pre-order, because those of us who believe in telltale enough to pre-order early might be sorry...
  • Just re-order it and cancel your original order. [email][/email] :)
  • SHODANFreeman;412407 said:
    Just re-order it and cancel your original order. [email][/email] :)
    But I ordered BTTF and other games in the same order, so wouldn't those games get canceled too?
    I'll send them an email about it. Sorry If I'm coming off as whiny, I just think that the free card game thing is unfair to us early pre-orderers.
  • But I think the card promo is not working =(. I wanted to take it, but i don't know why is not working:
  • It's a nice deal, but if I cancelled my BTTF pre-order now I would loose all the other stuff at -50% too :(.
    There wasn't a cardgame back then...
  • SHODANFreeman;412407 said:
    Just re-order it and cancel your original order. [email][/email] :)
    What about those of us who ordered it with other products? I don't have a "cancel" option, and even if I did, I'd lose the deal I got on Strong Bad.
  • Can I trade in my free Puzzle Agent for the card game since I already had PA before I preordered? Obviously I'm kidding.

    What about just half the card game?

    Seriously though, while it seems unfair to us, that's part of doing business. It's the same as when you buy something and the next day they drop the price 50%. Sure, you can go in and complain, but they don't have to match the price for you. You could argue that because it's a preorder, it's a little different, but at its core, it's exactly the same.

    I'd never play the card game anyway :p
  • RAGE :mad: I already had puzzle agent too.... the card game would have been a much better perk for pre-ordering... what a kick to the crotch.
  • So anyone check to even see if we do get the card game?
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