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Free Grand Adventures offer

posted by Graxer on - last edited - Viewed by 2.1K users
I saw the offer of the Grand Adventures DVD free with any order and was wondering if the episode downloads will still be activated in my account. I prefer to have a downloaded copy and it will take a while to get the series shipped to me from America. (I may even get it sent to relatives in the US and collect it when I next see them)

Also, the offer doesn't appear to work yet, but I expect that will be fixed soon! (I have a discounted upgrade, so I don't know if that's causing the problem.)
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  • its not whats causing the issue same one happened to me
    amy gave a cupon code but that didnt seem to work either .. yet

    keep eyes on the sticky thread!

    also if you need help mate and don't have the ability any of us would gladly help im sure
    Ive done it before.
    Let me know if you get it working
  • Thanks for replying. I have sent an email to support and posted in the pinned thread too now.

    I hope your problems get sorted too!
  • I've already reported this and it should be fixed first thing in the morning!
  • Amy Lukima;413616 said:
    I've already reported this and it should be fixed first thing in the morning!
    Thanks! :)
  • O.K. - how does this special of today work exactly? You pt W+G DVD in Cart put ANY other purchase (like BTTF/Puzzle Agent for example) in Cart and you only pay the other Purchase and shipping? W+G Online Games are also activated then?

    Then it ist not woking - How can I contact the support?
  • mark buddy
    read above...

    amy said later it will be fixed if not im sure they will work something out.
    but right now its not working for anyone even with the code.
  • Good to hear it's going to work out, thanks Amy!
  • Kaldire;413661 said:
    mark buddy
    read above...
    First: it's Marko ;) second - sorry, you're right...but still I don't know how to contact support in case something other happens.

    Edit: It still doesn't work and here in germany ist's 3:15 PM already - the offer only stands for this day and ist is not working. Am I doing something wrong?
  • I'm interested in the W&G Grand Adventures DVD offer, and I'd like to know whether I can take advantage of this offer in conjunction with a purchase of Sam & Max: The Penal Zone for the iPad?

    It's just that whenever I click to purchase this game, I'm shifted over to the apple itunes website. And somehow I don't think the W&G Grand Adventures DVD offer is valid when purchasing through apples itunes.
  • Pretty sure you can't get S&M Season 3 on the Ipad here in TTG's shop, so yeah, that won't be possible for you.
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