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PSN and Mac Confirmed!

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Telltale tells us Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People is heading to PSN (December 21st) and Mac (soon!). That's great, really, as it's now available for pretty much every major gaming platform.

Other than the 360 that is.

And not to get too Tingler here, but it'd be nice to see TTG release some more games for that platform too. I'd buy 'em!
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  • I have neither a Playstation or a Mac, but I'm still happy at this news. It might mean that if there are enough sales on these platforms Telltale might consider a second season! So, yeah, this is just fueling my hopes really.
  • How much is it gonna be? I'm thinking it'll be 20 bucks, but that's really just from history. ToMI, and the Sam and Max seasons on 360 are all 20 bucks.
  • W00t! That's good to know! Didn't expect this so soon!

    I'll hopefully be getting a PS3 at christmas, so I'll put this on my "things to play" list. Even though SBCG4AP is my least favorite TT game, and I'd get Tales of Monkey Island, Back to the Future and The Devil's Playhouse on PS3 from Telltale before getting this, it was still a thoroughly enjoyable game and it'll be good to play it again on the big screen.

    Great to see you guys branching out to other consoles, and good to see you're planning to stay with the PS3. Cause...I gonna have one. :p

    So how about the rumoured iPad version? I have no iPad, or any intention of getting an iPad, but is that confirmed too?
  • This is great. I don't have a PS3, but i'm still pumped. Brothers ain't giving up yet.
  • The Telltale newsletter says it'll be $14.99.

    So...translating that to pounds, it'll be £9.99.

    That's...pretty awesome to be honest.
    I think I'll pick this up after BTTF and ToMI.

    So...any chance of bringing S&M seasons 1 and 2 to the PS3? :p
  • Is this going to be Move enabled? Is it going to be Move ONLY?
  • Gibbeynator;415168 said:
    Is this going to be Move enabled? Is it going to be Move ONLY?
    No to both, 99.99996% sure of it.
  • Gibbeynator;415168 said:
    Is this going to be Move enabled? Is it going to be Move ONLY?

    I'm producing all of the SB conversion projects, Mac is indeed coming and I can neither confirm nor deny any other platforms after that.
  • The only way I'm playing this is if it's on xbox 360. It would be nice to have more point and click games on it, beside Monkey Island: SE
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