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A Musical Tribute - by SilverWolfPet and YOU (Launched! Page 11)

posted by Silverwolfpet on - last edited - Viewed by 8.1K users

Yeees, Alan said I will not get banned if I post this! Hehehe :p

Dear fans, my fingers have been running around on my piano and I composed something, well, for the fans!
However, I don't wanna sing it alone, this is a happy happy group song!

Whoever wants to join in, must follow these easy steps:

1. Have a video camera or a webcam or any type of device that lets you record yourself visually. (in the worst case scenario we'll put a picture of you in the tribute, or I'll draw you myself using crayons, but do try to find a camera please)

2. Have a decent microphone. (try not to record yourself singing using your mobile phone or using other not-so-good microphones... a webcam mic or a simple pc mic will do)

3. Do you know the song "A Whole New World" from Disney's Aladdin?
(in case you don't, here it is:

I need you to record yourself (only audio) singing the verse from 1:10 to 1:26. Basically, the refrain.
No background music, just your voice. Give it your best shot.

If you don't have an audio editing/recording program, try this one, it's free:

4. After recording your voice
IMPORTANT - Name your file based on your user name. If I would record a sample I would name it "SilverWolfPet - Sample.mp3" or wav or whatever format you prefer. This way I can work faster, thanks!

ahem, so... after recording your voice upload it somewhere online (e.g

5. Send me the link
to your upload, through a PM. That's it!
This is not a contest,
every single one of you who will send me an audio clip will participate in the tribute...
I just need to know what lyrics I can give you to sing and that depends on how high can your voice go without distorting the sound.
Meh, technical stuff, just do your best, don't worry about it.

You must send you files until Tuesday.
There is no actual time limit, but it will be harder for me to plan this if you're late with the files :)

On Wednesday I will send everyone their text and a demo on how to sing their part and instructions regarding the next step.

With a little bit of luck, we'll have a tribute by friday.

Just to be clear, it doesn't matter if you're a guy or a girl, it's a community tribute :D

Now what are you waiting for? Go Go Go!!!
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  • I'm scared. I make birds fall out of the sky and dogs drag their butts on the carpet when I sing. =<
  • ^
    Please join. You'll lower the bar and other people will dare to send in their sample. =(
  • Hmmm I would love to participate, but I'm not too sure what my neighbors will think if they hear me singing "A Whole New World" :p

    Can't promise anything, but I'll try something...
  • Ok. Yeah, so when I get home, I'm getting out my microphone, and entering.
  • @Silverwolfpet

    I can't sing for sh*t, but...

    Let me master the song :D when its in his final stages of completion.

    It would be even better of you could make every instrument and vocal rendered on seperate tracks in WAV. So i can do it in Cubase.
  • I should have mine ready monday, assuming my camera will work properly.
  • I'm in. I have an epic idea for the recording of my own video part but I might have to ask you if it's okay, if I can even get it to record.

    Also, I'm glad you asked Alan. You got to watch that guy; he's ready to ban at slightest notice!
  • Bla bla bla neighbours bla bla can't sing bla bla I make babies cry

    Oh, come on people, it's just for fun! :D I can't sing either!

    Remolay, it's perfect, you don't need to send the sample anymore. I will, however, ask you to give your recording a little more "punch", lemme hear your voice because you tend to whisper it a bit. :) But we'll get to that later, I'll send you your part soonish.

    Oh and never EVER film against the sunlight. Each time someone films against sunlight, a pixie dies. And also the lighting doesn't help your facial features to be too observable. So think about that next time.

    Secret Fawful, once I cast your part(s) I will tell you what we'll do... but basically you are free to film yourself in every epic way you see fit. long as you're decent.

    I think everybody knows that after we record the community song, each of us will have to film himself/herself lipsync-ing to his/her part. But we'll get there, step by step.

    I really love the song, it's awesome and it's probably one of my best pieces yet. I hope you guys like it too.
  • Oh, wait...what was I supposed to be doing again?
  • That's it! You're fired Flinststoooone!
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