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A Musical Tribute - by SilverWolfPet and YOU (Launched! Page 11)

posted by Silverwolfpet on - last edited - Viewed by 7.8K users

Yeees, Alan said I will not get banned if I post this! Hehehe :p

Dear fans, my fingers have been running around on my piano and I composed something, well, for the fans!
However, I don't wanna sing it alone, this is a happy happy group song!


Whoever wants to join in, must follow these easy steps:

1. Have a video camera or a webcam or any type of device that lets you record yourself visually. (in the worst case scenario we'll put a picture of you in the tribute, or I'll draw you myself using crayons, but do try to find a camera please)

2. Have a decent microphone. (try not to record yourself singing using your mobile phone or using other not-so-good microphones... a webcam mic or a simple pc mic will do)

3. Do you know the song "A Whole New World" from Disney's Aladdin?
(in case you don't, here it is:

I need you to record yourself (only audio) singing the verse from 1:10 to 1:26. Basically, the refrain.
No background music, just your voice. Give it your best shot.

If you don't have an audio editing/recording program, try this one, it's free:

4. After recording your voice
IMPORTANT - Name your file based on your user name. If I would record a sample I would name it "SilverWolfPet - Sample.mp3" or wav or whatever format you prefer. This way I can work faster, thanks!

ahem, so... after recording your voice upload it somewhere online (e.g

5. Send me the link
to your upload, through a PM. That's it!

[CENTER]This is not a contest,
every single one of you who will send me an audio clip will participate in the tribute...
I just need to know what lyrics I can give you to sing and that depends on how high can your voice go without distorting the sound.
Meh, technical stuff, just do your best, don't worry about it.

You must send you files until Tuesday.
There is no actual time limit, but it will be harder for me to plan this if you're late with the files :)

On Wednesday I will send everyone their text and a demo on how to sing their part and instructions regarding the next step.

With a little bit of luck, we'll have a tribute by friday.

Just to be clear, it doesn't matter if you're a guy or a girl, it's a community tribute :D

Now what are you waiting for? Go Go Go!!![/CENTER]
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  • Too late now. It's wednesday over here. =P

    Okay I'll send you tomorrow when I woke up okay?
  • OK! Just send iiiit! :p

    People, last chance! I'm starting to send the song to the ones who entered! C'mon c'mon c'mon!
  • Silverpetwolf I have recorded it.
    Can I send it by email since it's only one mb.
  • @Silverwolfpet

    Can i master it? :D

    And btw did it work now with Adobe Audition and those VST thingies?
  • Origami;418730 said:
    Silverpetwolf I have recorded it.
    Can I send it by email since it's only one mb.
    What part of "send it" don't you understand? :p Sure... silverwolfpet (at) yahoo (dot) com
    Trackah123;418759 said:

    Can i master it? :D

    And btw did it work now with Adobe Audition and those VST thingies?
    Hmmm, Me thinks yes, you can master it. Lemme just send the text to the peoplez and they gets it recorded.

    Also, haven't tried it yet... I've been dancing my butt off for a side-project I'm making. Will look over it tonight or tomorrow. Thank you! Also sorry for the late reply. :)
  • What part of "send it" don't you understand?
    I was under the assumption you might've preferred to have it uploaded on something like rapidshare. But I didn't feel to go through the hassle of creating an account and such.
    Thus I wanted to ask you if I could send it by email. You might have declined because of privacy reason.

    But I'll send it now!
  • you can upload it freely and without registering at for example, UNLESS...

    you're Chicken? *Electronic Chicken Sound Played

    just kiddin', just kiddin' :p
  • Screw it Silverwolfpet!

    I am chickening out! That's right! This McFly IS a chicken! >=(

    EDIT: *sigh* Okay I send my sample to Silverwolfpet.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    On/ off/ on/ off/ on. :D
  • Yes. I tend to be a lightswitch.

    To be honest though...I still don't feel good about doing it.
    The reason I did send it was that I already promised to help Silverwolfpet a couple of weeks ago.
    However....he didn't specify then yet that it involved singing >.> I thought I was just supposed to read some lines.
    But I am a man of my word *boasts* so...I had to send it I guess.

    EDIT: Silverwolfpet send me a comforting email though. I feel somewhat good about it now. ^^
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