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Holiday Pack Gifting

posted by Ogroat on - last edited - Viewed by 251 users
The Telltale holiday pack that is up today is a pretty amazing deal, but I own a good half of what's included already. However, I know somebody who would love to play the games I already own. Is gifting in these package deals an all or nothing affair or is it possible to gift individual games out of them?
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  • I need an answer to this as well if you are gonna get my money.

    I have 4 of the 8 games listed.

    Am only prepared to pay for the deal if I can individually gift the ones I already have.
  • It shows as a single item on the cart so I'd assume gifting individual games would not be an option.
  • yes i know but im hoping telltale will confirm soon
  • It's a weekend, I wouldn't really count on the question being officially answered in time within the 1 3/4 hours left for the deal.
  • Has anyone on the forums bought the special xmas bundle offer yet? Im wondering If I were to buy it as a gift, then perhaps i could gift myself the ones i dont have and gift the rest to other people
  • Bah, this offer is way better than the 50% price reduction over all the store. I feel a bit sad now because I already ordered all Sam&Max season for the same price of this pack.
    And yet, my order still hasn't been shipped. No upgrade possible?
  • Well, it's Monday afternoon. Any chance of an update from the Telltale staff about this?
  • Hi guys - sorry, I just caught this post. The whole bundle is giftable, but the games within it aren't giftable individually. Sorry!
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