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Monkey Island free DVD trouble

posted by DancingOnTheTardis on - last edited - Viewed by 256 users
Please apologise if I'm just being really thick but I have some trouble with Monkey Island.

I bought all of the episodes ages ago and still have them in my account. When I logged in and went to the Tales of Monkey Island page it told me I could get a free DVD with all the games on and just pay for p&p.

I can't actually find where you go to GET the DVD for just p&p. I tried adding the game to my trolley, but when I went to the checkout it still said I was paying the full price.
I know I've probably just missed something really obvious, like a huge button saying GET FREE MONKEY ISLAND HERE, but I can't for the life of me find it

PLEASE HELP ME :confused:
Belle x
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    Want to order Monkey Island Collector's edition but cannot find where you go to only pay postage and packaging. HELP MEEEE!
    I already own the episodes and it's coming up saying I can get it paying just p&p but adding it to my trolley and going to checkout it is trying to get me to pay full price.

    GUYS, what do I do?
  • If the DVD in the store isn't showing up as a $0 purchase for you, but you definitely purchased all 5 episodes - then there's probably a glitch in the store/your account.

    Email [email][/email] with your username and the issue, and they should be able to sort it out for you.
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