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Free episode not available before Febuary

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So hum, will there at least be a demo, to know if our PC can run the game or not before ordering a full season ? (If we don't want to wait 2 months before playing it ...)

BTW the cover of the game looks incredible.
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  • When I purchased the 25th Anniversary BTTF set it had a code to get the first episode of the game for free. Today I got an email with the following info:

    UPDATE: Your FREE episode will be available for download in February, just in time for the series' second episode.

    Thank you for registering to receive your episode. Your free episode -- Episode 1: It's About Time -- will be available in February. We will notify you when it is ready for download.

    Kinda seems like a scam since this was never mentioned previously. Been a huge fan of Telltale until now....

    Comes across as a cheap ploy to milk a few extra bucks when you offered something for free.

    Oh well you can count me out for buying the rest of the episodes or any other Telltale products.

    Good day.
  • Where are you guys seeing this? :confused:
  • Already one thread about it here :

    Also, it's FREE, you didn't pay for anything. So how is that a scam ? And anybody on the internet can get it, it wasn't supposed to be "bluray only" or anything.
  • Check email screenshot on the first post.
  • Merged the 2 threads.
  • I haven't got an e-mail about it...And I do think that's jacked up that we get it later. There had better be a demo.
  • diskotekno wrote: »
    Kinda seems like a scam since this was never mentioned previously. Been a huge fan of Telltale until now....
    I've actually seen it mentioned a couple times that free episode people won't get the same release date as paid people. February, though, seems a Drastic.
  • My lord, I have to wait for the second episode to play the first episode?
  • I'm sorry, but there had better be a demo of some kind. I think it's really not right that those of us who were planning on using the free first episode to see if the game would even run on our computers won't be able to do that. That is the only reason I even activated the free episode code. The PS3 version'll be out before my free episode, so what's the point?
  • I edited my first post with the picture, so people don't have to scroll down.

    I seriously hope for Telltale that they have a demo in store. I mean, let's talk about the elephant in the room : If Telltale doesn't allow people to test it, they obviously will one way or another. :/
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