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PC Collector's Disc / DVD suggestions & questions

posted by prizna on - last edited - Viewed by 5.4K users
I know its a bit early for this but I thought it would be a good idea to say what sort of bonus content we would like to see on the DVD.

I for one would like to see some of the voice acting sessions.
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  • To be clear, "Probably a few months after the season ends". It generally takes awhile for them to put together the special features and author the discs.
  • I don't really mind, as long as I get it eventually.
  • And you will have to place a new order for the DVD. It will be free (but you have to pay shipping)
  • Its nice to see one of these threads end up with a "NO!....... er I mean YES... yes you will get the DVD"
  • First off I know its a little early to talk DVD, with the first EP just now hitting the World wide... interwebbernet. But how can it hurt to start hearing NOW what your fans would like to see on the DVD... that way you guys have some time to make it happen.

    First off I was REALLY happy to see a DVD menu back for the third season of Sam and Max.... It was the biggest thing that disappointed me about my TOMI disc... TOMI needed a nice menu..... SO.

    1 give BTTF menu screens.... its really nice seeing them when I pop it into my DVD player.

    2 I really love those commentaries... keep up the good work on that... BUT can we go back to having the option to turn the commentary off? I actually really liked sometimes just sitting back and watching the game played for me.. it was like watching a cartoon.... its the biggest feature my kids missed on the newest DVDs

    3 Bring back physical goodies in a special collectors box edition.... I do not mind paying extra for it.... just give me the option to do so... Maybe you should sell them at the START of the "season" to get more people to buy it.... I imagine SOME fans lose interest as the season goes on... so offer it at the start to get more sales to make it worth the time for you guys to do it.... Just make it clear they get it at the end.

    4 behind the scenes stuff.... put on some clean clothes and get on camera ... we want to see how the games are made..

    5 More concept art... scripts.... interviews.

    6 The DVD should be THE ultimate copy do not leave things out the loyal TTG fans that bought directly from you want.. YOU KNOW I am talking about NUTRISPECS..... it should have been on the DVD... I like hearing everything you had the actors act.

    Other ideas? Anyone?
  • I would pay EXTRA EXTRA for your number 7
  • I hope on DVD will be many subtitles to choose. Eg POLISH! :D

    I hope I could play using DVD offline :p
  • Also, I'd give almost anything to have TTG make a horrible "GTA" bttf game, with bad graphics, horrible VAs, etc...
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