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Manatees or Narwhals?

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You know the fans are ready for another Monkey Island game when threads like these start popping up.

They were both seen and mentioned in 'Tales...' to some extent. Guybrush's ship was, of course called The Screaming Narwhal, there was a narwhal head hung on the wall in Club 41, and there was a narhwal in several of the 'I Wonder What Happens...'. And as for Manatees... well, they featured more heavily than pirates during the season. Heck, one was even a location for more than half an episode, and the other half of that episode took place in their... erm, mating grounds. So, which of these obese beasts is the best. The horn-y narwhals, or the horny manatees (sorry). Vote (and discuss, if you really want to)!
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