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Am I The Only One...

posted by Kyronea on - last edited - Viewed by 647 users
...who regularly talks back to the characters, and mocks them in cases of good hands rather like they do to us players?
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  • I don't do that. I figure it too easy since what they do is only to repeat theirselves after a while, making so much easier to come up with better comebacks and use them at a given time.
  • I do that. I have noticed I even have my recurrent own lines, like "cry into your soup now" and "I'll play this one to the bitter end."

    But then again, I do this with almost every game, especially first-person-shooters.
  • I frequently tap my mouse when I check, but I don't usually talk aloud to them; although I did start taunting Tycho in an attempt to get that freaking watch. It worked. And I'm fairly certain that one time I yelled, "Y'know what?! Sit down! Just SIT DOWN!" at Strong Bad when he won for the fifth time in a row.

    But, man, in my head...I come up with awesome comebacks, and I frequently yell at them for calling me a man.

    And I flirt with Tycho. Because, in my head, it's not weird to show interest in an animated man.
  • There was one time when I was eliminated by a single-card difference. Tycho goes and delivers his "are you going straight to a brothel" line. I retort, "yeah, I'll be sure to say HI to your MOM for you".

    The great thing about computer games is that you can afford to be a totally sore loser. :D :D :D

    But then again, I consider talking to videogames part of the entertaining value.
  • I try to talk back as much as possible, to make it seem like I'm actually there.

    I also throw my money at the computer whenever I call, raise or bet.
  • Oh I do tap my fingers when I check, I like the sound of it.
  • Aside from tapping my fingers a la checking, nope. (Unless I'm cursing someone's continual good fortune.)
  • I've always rapped my knuckles to check. Dunno why Telltale games seem to prefer the finger tap to the good ol'-fashioned knock.
  • I do also talk to it.

    Well... more swear at it when I lose. =p
  • I mostly only do it to tycho, because I hate him so much.
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