JAM: January Animation Month - Make 31 Animations In January



  • I saw an image of a janitor type character at the bottom of the first post when I last visited this thread. Seems to be gone now though.

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    @Starcandy wrote:
    Can't get to to other forums. Anyways I have a late start this Time cause i wasn't planning on doing it in Janurary but I said " Why the heck not. So i'm gonna start Sunday and start . Hope Fully i can catch up. My Deviant and Tumblr http://storyboardist.tumblr.com/ http://deda123.deviantart.com/

    Welcome! Always great to see a new person take part in the JAM! :)

    Thanks everyone for pointing out the problems with my server. I've switched webhosts, and I've been moving over my files and databases from one server to another. Everything should be working fine now, though I'm now quite behind now on my game because of it. I don't have anything to do today, so I'm going to work on doing all of the intro animations that I can, and then if I have time, programming the SCUMM logic for them.

    I'll be sure to post everything I have done once that time comes. :)

  • So, I got three more done today, which brings me up to four (which beats my previous low of 3 for JAM 2012). It seems like I win this challenge every other year. Hopefully I'll be able to keep that record going next year. :P

    Here's my latest animations. Two of them, plus the janitor earlier are for games I'm making (or re-making) this year, the time flies animation is one that was once again suggested by my mom, she's invaluable in these challenges once I run out of ideas. :)

    Gus waving Rob waving Time Flies

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