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Sam & Max in Japan?

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That would be interesting.

Though based on Japanese voice acting culture, I would imagine Max being voiced by a girl...

EDIT 1/13/10: Hey, since we all seem to have this much faith into this thing, how about we actually have everyone pitch-in and create a dub for the animated Sam & Max episode "Aaiiieee Robot"? I know it's a longshot, but I believe with a lot of teamwork and time we could absolutely do it! :D

For those that wanna join the project, simply post and state what you'll be doing to help out!

What we need:

*Japanese translators
*Japanese dub script writers
*Voice actors who can read and pronounce Hiragana fluently
*If possible, a copy of the episode "Aaiiieee Robot" with the sound effects, music and no voices (for dubbing)
*Other great people that think they can help out in some way


Q: Why Japanese?

A: Mostly because Japan's never heard of Sam & Max: Freelance Police and we want to let the country know about it. Not only that, we also actually have a surprisingly good amount of Japanese speakers right here in the Telltale forums, ready to do this project.

Q: Do I have to know Japanese in order to help out?

A: Absolutely not, if you think there's a Japanese-free way which you can help out on, feel welcome to do it.

Q: Who's idea was it to dub "Aiiieee Robot"?

A: Steve Purcell himself! Nah, not really... But out of ALL his 18 posts in the entire time he's been in the Telltale forums, he posted the link to the episode in this topic. Giving us the idea of dubbing that episode.

Q: When can we expect the whole dubbed episode to be ready?

A: In a long while. At least more than 6 months I think. We gotta recruit members, write a script, record voices, edit the episode, etc.

Okay, that's it! I really hope we can get this whole thing through. If we do, that will be an amazing achievement to the Sam & Max fan community! I'll try helping out by doing various things when needed. I'll mostly be supervising the topic and respond to questions about the project though.

がんばって!(good luck!)
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