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what a joke

posted by maverick7111 on - last edited - Viewed by 2.2K users
i preordered the free episode to see if i would like rthe game before i buy the full series and now to find out i wont get to play it till february what the hell is telltale thinking i aint happy
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  • They already mentioned it would be released in February before you ordered it... Someone please close this thread...
  • Technically you can't pre-order the free episode, you can only pre-order the entire series. If you want the free episode you have to wait till February.
  • I love this sense of entitlement people have.

    They said the 22nd so I want it a one minute past midnight.

    They said I could have a free episode so I want it right now, how dare they give me something for nothing later than those who have paid for it
  • maverick, perhaps you should just pay 25 bucks. Think of a movie DVD. You pay around 20$ for 2 to 3 hours fun. Here you'll receive many more hours.
  • flowo get real dude do you not try before you buy or have you lost ya brain back in 1955 telltale did not clearly state that for all us free episode orderers out there you aint playing our game till february next freeking year
  • ask for your money back..... oh yeah that's right it was free.... Do you not have an adult to wipe away those hurt feeling tears?

    BTW welcome to the boards.... I love you.
  • I'm finally have to say this to someone.

    maverick7111, you are an idiot.

    Seriously, it's 25 dollars for about 10 hours of gameplay. It's worth it. The reason I haven't bought it yet is because I'm dirt broke.

    I'm pretty sure you are right that Telltale did not state the February of next year, but that matters not. You're getting it for free. Don't expect much. I'd have settled for a demo, Which I'm totally going to play anyway if there is one.

    In closing, shut up and learn to punctuate.
  • How about everyone here shutting up instead of just flaming and insulting the OP? Do you think he's wrong? Well, he's not getting to play the game anyway. I know you guys are bored because the game is not out yet but damn the consequences. Be patient, refrain yourselves from acting assholish and just wait for the episode.
  • lol why wait till february
  • lol why wait till february lol when i can just find a torrent of this friggin game some noob will upload a torrent and all will be honky dorry i may be a idiot but a clever one at that big up to utorrent

    No, you're a cheap tard. Claiming to use a pirated copy of the game in the developers' own forum, is not clever. If anything it'll get you banned here.

    The reason why people choose to pay is because they care for the developing company that delivers them the games. But I guess you cannot think that detailed since you think playing a pirated game is your milestone of intelligence.
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