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Changing subtitle/voice language (merged threads)

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I have encountered, that bttf has german soundpack. But i am afraid, that it fucks up the game. Are there any samples for german and french ?
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  • French has no audio, it's subtitles only.

    German has a german dub, but not with the voice actors from the movies. So it's kinda pointless.
  • Hi guys

    How to change subtitles from German to english (menu as well). I have downloaded English version but got all in German. OK, my Windows is German, and I live in Germany but want it in English :)
  • Nothing in the options ?

    God I hope so cauz I'm gonna get the french subtitles otherwise >< .
  • Don´t see any option I´m afraid. Nothing in registry as well...
  • Same problem here. Having the voices in English and all the text in German is a bit distracting. Why there just isn't a language setting in the game options is beyond me.

    I tried finding a language setting in the registry. There's a setting called "Language ID", but it is already set to 1033, which is the Windows language code for American English. So no luck there.

    Any other ideas?
  • Deleting the "Localized"-folder didn't help either. Hope someone has a solution anytime soon.
  • solution for this would be really nice, oh yes
  • Yes, i got the Mac Version. Same problem.

    It´s great that you offer the game in three languages and even with german dubbing, but i want to play it 100% in English, not only text, but also Sound.
  • Hi guys,

    Need some help here.
    I have been downloading the game a couple of times and thought the installer is always in English, I just can't get the game to be in English !

    My Windows (7) is in English but my locale is French (Canada). It doesn't seem to do anything to change locale settings or keyboard settings. Each time I'm launching the game, the launcher is in French and the subtitles and text dialogues are in french.

    My other half is english speaking and - anyway - we want to choose the language we're playing in.

    Worst is : in "my games" in Telltale account, I can't even choose "french" in the drop down menu. There's only english and german. I redownloaded it (because of the redownloading problem), but no way.
    I searched a config file and in the registry but I can't find WHERE (the heck !) the game is set up in French.
    What's more, no "english" folder in the Pack/Localized folder of the game.

    Can anyone help ?

    OS : Win 7 Canadian-English Version
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