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Can't activate English language!!! :(

posted by SonataFanatica on - last edited - Viewed by 6.4K users
Hey guys.

Okay, just downloaded the game. I specified it as "English" in the drop down menu, of course. The installer itself IS English, too. But as soon as I start the launcher, everything is in German!! :mad: All the labels in the menus are in German and so are the lines of dialogue one can choose! (Of course the spoken language is still English though.)

How on EARTH do I get to play the game in FULL English??
Because I really don't want to click German lines of dialogue when English is the spoken language (which I absolutely prefer, in the first place)!!!

:mad: :(
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  • Uh oh, I'm afraid this problem will be here as well :/

    Also, why do I need to download 366MB for an installer, and that installer downloads ANOTHER 366MB?
  • I know, but please let this be the thread that's about the German language problem ONLY!
  • same problem here with the english version, but german text which can not be changed :-(
  • Same problem here.
  • I mean, I DO use a German version of Windows but that shouldn't be a problem, right?
    I already searched in the options and in my Windows registry but there was nothing to be found! :(
  • Got same problem as writen earlier. Hopefully will be solution for us :)
  • Yeah, let's hope so. :(

  • Same problem here. I don't care for any german localizations, since I play every game in english. I specifically downloaded the english version and it still has german menus and dialog options. I don't get why so few game developers include an ingame language selection, like in the Tomb Raider games from Crystal Dynamics. There you can switch between languages midgame, which is a very cool feature.
  • I found an option in windows that helped me.

    systemsteuerung --> regionen und sprachen
    sprache für unicode inkompatible programme <-- das auf english stellen

    Seriously though, no language option is just bad form nowadays.
    This needs to be patched in ASAP. Real shame that it isn't in already.
  • SonataFanatica;426098 said:
    I know, but please let this be the thread that's about the German language problem ONLY!
    Sorry about that, I didn't see the other thread and thought the two problems were connected somehow like, first downloading the English version but then it automatically downloads the German version when a German OS is detected...

    Well anyway, yeah, it sucks that I have English voices but German text. Very distracting.
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