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Savegame troubles (merged threads)

posted by saxysousy on - last edited - Viewed by 13.6K users
How do you save the game if you don't want to play it all at once?

BTW, I LOOOVE it so far. Thank you Telltale for making this game!
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  • SethPDA;429253 said:
    No,there is not...
    Here is my main menu after I played the game a lot,no autosave,there is no anything.
    linorn;429261 said:
    Is this just a problem for mac-users or are you using Windows?
    Yeah I am not having a problem at all. There is a save/load option plus autosave. I use PC.
  • Not sure what's going on but I can say that it's not a Windows 7 problem. I'm running it on windows 7 (on a computer that just barely meets minimum spec to boot) and I can save fine.

    Anyway, for SethPDA, I have tried to upload my save file from shortly after Marty has arrived in 1931. Basically I got there and had the first conversation there (if you've played it this far you'll know who this is with!) but haven't done anything else. I hope I uploaded the right thing and did it properly, never done this before!

    Hope this helps, or at least means you don't have to replay the beginning.
  • Hmmm, I've this problem aswell I WANT TO SAVE Q_Q
  • Mills2501, do you have the save file that I requested in 'save file needed' thread too? Could you share it?
  • Not as yet, no (I'm playing in very bitesize chunks at the moment - got so much else to do!) I'll make sure to make a save file when I get to that point though, so if you haven't got it fixed by then I'll get it to you.
  • I don't think a save will help us, cause we can't even see the load/save option on the menu.
  • You know, you can't save your game from the main menu if a game isn't started. Start a game, get a little farther, and then try to save. Maybe the load menu doesn't appear unless you have a save game. It works fine for me.
  • How many of you are using Windows 7 64bit? That could be it
  • backslash;429348 said:
    How many of you are using Windows 7 64bit? That could be it
    it is not, im using it and i have no problems at all with saving.

    @musicallyinspired: just checked, i deleted my savefiles and i can save right after i started a new game. its not that there has to be an autosavefile or something...
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