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Savegame troubles (merged threads)

posted by saxysousy on - last edited - Viewed by 14.4K users
How do you save the game if you don't want to play it all at once?

BTW, I LOOOVE it so far. Thank you Telltale for making this game!
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  • I didn't say anything about an autosave.
  • The menu is gone. Telltale always saves and mine is not saving :(
  • I didn't say anything about an autosave.

    you said "unless you have a save game", thats quite the same. and you cant save yourself if you dont have the menu optoin. so the only possible save that "activates" the menu could be a autosave. got it?....

    but as i said, thats not the case.
  • You know, you can't save your game from the main menu if a game isn't started. Start a game, get a little farther, and then try to save. Maybe the load menu doesn't appear unless you have a save game. It works fine for me.

    when I first try to save I was in front of the liquor store (after I had the dog sniffed the shoe) and the save and load menu wasn't there yet, that point is not the very beginning anyway, unless you all confirm that the menu appears right after the first time travel
  • SethPDA wrote: »
    No,there is not...
    Here is my main menu after I played the game a lot,no autosave,there is no anything.

    thats bad =( i don't know why im guessing something is wrong in a game like a bug or something and cool so the menu gonna be like this on PS3 ??? awesome cant wait!!!!:p
  • read my posts, i wrote it TWICE
  • I wasn't referring to an autosave in that post. I didn't know the menu didn't show up while you were playing. All everyone kept saying is that they couldn't load anything and posted screenshots of the main menu, not the regular game. Maybe it's a permissions thing? Maybe the user doesn't actually have access to the save game folder? I don't know....I'm only on WinXP here and don't have this problem.
  • could be. maybe the good ol' "run as admin" does the trick?
  • Cyphox wrote: »
    read my posts, i wrote it TWICE

    sorry pal but I'm reading nothing resolutive in your posts, what do I have to do exactly to make this damn save menu appear?
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