Help, please... (S&M 305/Episode 5) *POSSIBLE SPOILERS*

I have played through and beat the game several times now... Being as thorough as I have been in all prior episodes, and have achieved 100% in trophies in the previous 4. For some unknown reason, I cannot get 2 on Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse - Episode 5: The City That Dares Not Sleep. (Full title, just in case there is any confusion) The two trophies I am missing are "The Unabridged Version" (Listened to all of Max's audio books on vinyl in their entirety) and "Genius in its Simplicity" (Heard all the details of Stinky's origin) ... I have to be missing something, though I don't know what. Those trophies explain themselves. I'm getting very bored of this game very quickly... I've talked to everyone as much as I can talk to them, and listened to the vinyl's so many times that I can say them as they're spoken on screen now. Dx What am I missing? Are there glitches in these trophies...?


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    Apparently for the vinyls there is a long blank after the dialogue is done. You still need to listen to that to get the achievement.

    As for the other one, talk to Flint Paper in the end, Skunk'ape and Stinky before solving the puzzle with the projector...
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    The 'Genius in its Simplicity' trophy just requires using objects. I missed the cardboard box on my first playthrough.
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