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Disc order # problems. (issue-40265)

posted by Nintendophile on - Viewed by 78 users
Hello Telltale!

I've been having problems with entering my order # to receive the physical disk editions of the games that were offered in the "Telltale Holiday Pack". The issue has been partially taken care of, as one of your staff has put seasons 1, 2, and 3 of Sam & Max in my cart.

But before I have them shipped, I would also like to add the disc editions of Strongbad, Wallace & Gromit, and Tales of Monkey Island. When I try entering in my order # for these, it says it's an invalid number. But, in the description of the Holiday Pack, it says "Note: All full-season purchases in this pack are eligible for the end-of-season DVD of each respective game."

I'd appreciate any help that could be offered. (issue-40265)

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