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Tales Of Monkey Island (PS3) - Where's Chapters 2 to 5 ?

posted by JFERNANDEZ84 on - last edited - Viewed by 307 users
Dear TellTale Games,

Yesterday, I have bought the bundle for the 5 Chapters of this game in PSNetwork but there are no sign of the Chapters 2 to 5 in the DL list nor in the Normal PS Store.

I have been searching in the internet for this problem and there are a lot of people who's having the same problem than I do now.

So, please, anyone from the team can take a look at this..?

My PSN is french but I guess that's nothing to do with it anyways..

P.S.: Please, find a solution for this fast because it's cold here en France, there's nothing else to do, + I love this series and I have only other crappy games to play (like Sonic 4 Ep. I - luckily 50% off) and all this before my girlfriend arrives and beats the hell of Hades outta my "fundaments" because if I play for 5 minutes she thinks that I play way too much.

In other words, HELP!!!!

With love,
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