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Holiday Deal not working

posted by freakanzy on - last edited - Viewed by 156 users
When I put the first Sam & Max season in my basket the discount does not apply. Why is that so? Also I'd like to know whether I can activate the product on Steam?
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  • Well now it's the regular price again. I'd just like to point out that I've tried to buy it about 2 hours ago and it did not work.

    I'd still like to know if any other games are redeamable on Steam? ... I really hope they do the same deal on Steam now, since I've missed such a great deal.... It won't be fairly priced there though =/
  • Try with the coupon code given here:

    I had the same problem but could get it finally thanks to the coupon.
  • Thanks. Can you activate the key on steam though? ... I already have the retail version but would like to have a digital Steam version as well just for convenience ... My retail version came with no key though, so it does not work with Steam.

    I would just buy it on Steam's sale again probably and just don't want to purchase it three times =P
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