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Sending two orders together? (kind of)

posted by Cyphox on - last edited - Viewed by 249 users
edit: dont missunderstand me, i dont mean TOGETHER exactly, i mean what i wrote already, you'll understand what i want, im sure.

Hey Amy, our beloved support girlie! (or any other support guy/girl reading this thread, i love you same at least, if not more, if you can grant my wish)

quick question:

i placed two orders in the last few days. for one order i had to pay shipment costs, for the other one i didnt.

in both orders are goods that are backordered aka not in stock right now.

so i wanna ask:

is it possible to send one package with the stuff from both orders thats available right now and one package with all the backordered stuff? would be great!

thanks in advance!
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  • I did something very similar so I'd be interested in finding out as well.
  • I wish there was a way for me to do this but I can't change orders at all after they are submitted. :(

    There are several reasons for this but the biggest one is because right after you order the packing slip goes to our shipping company and to make any changes they have to stop the presses to find your slip.

    Sorry about that.
  • okay, if its not possible, its not possible, no big deal.

    thanks for answering my question! ;)
  • Thanks for the Answer Amy, knew I should of used a bit more common sense when ordering instead of going mad like a little kid with the key to the sweet shop :)
  • Hee, this is the second time in a day you answered my question in another thread posted later. I'm starting to get a complex! :p

    Thanks for the answer, knew it was a long shot so never mind. :)
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