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Hi, I just want to find out if its possible that I was sold a game with a virus on. The thing is I bought and installed CSI 3D/Murder and was almost finished with the game when I was hit with a virus. Thought nothing of it - formatted cleared and did all necessary. Then I re-installed XP and virus software, spybots, firewall etc and ONLY CSI again. Nothing else and I have all the required protection BUT WAS INFECTED AGAIN...

Please help as I'm an avid CSI player but this is seriously sending me off the rocker... I can't help but think its the game??

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  • hmmm... I doubt that's where you got the virus... Did you make sure to update your virus definitions as soon as the new anti-virus software was installed? And, more importantly, do you know that the two viruses were of the same type?

    (note: I do not work for Telltale, and can not actually certify that you didn't get a virus from CSI. But it just doesn't seem very likely to me.)
  • Where did you buy it?

    If it was a legal, boxed, Ubisoft-produced copy in English or one of the other languages Ubi published it in, then a virus is unlikely. If you bought a pirated version, then this is possible. (I'm not suggesting that you knowingly bought a pirated version - people sell them on ebay, and even in stores in some countries.)

    Either way, if you think your game has a virus on it, you should contact Ubisoft about it. They do all the production and distribution for this game so if there were a virus on it, that would be something they'd have to deal with.
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