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Game too easy/ short/ lacks puzzles Thread

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How did the first episode compare in terms of difficulty to Telltale's other games?
(More specifically, the last Sam & Max season)
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  • It was far, far easier than even the easiest episode of The Devil's Playhouse. The Penal Zone requires razor-sharp wit when compared to Back to the Future: The Game: Episode 1: It's Not About Puzzles, At All, Seriously.
  • Completely easier.

    You won't have to think a single time during the whole episode. And actually, all the "puzzles" (we can't even call them "puzzles") can be solved within the same time they're introduced, and in the same area too.
  • Sounds like 303 to me.

    Actually, it's slightly harder than 303. Which is still very easy.
  • Seriously, every puzzle can be solved by just random clicking on stuff with other stuff, no thought process involved whatsoever.

    I know Telltale is reaching for "wider audience" here, and everything more complicated than a toaster has to be taken out of the game.

    But common, there was potential for some great puzzles here, something to take your time with.

    Heres a great idea, how about you could see every newspaper clipping, something like the Libary in Monkey Island II. And then using all the clues you find the right article, and you have to enter the numbers in the dolorean yourself. Instead of mindless clicking.

    I hope this is not the direction taken with all games. That's what hints are for. Hell there was even a hint button next to the inventory, so why is it so easy?
  • I've heard both the good and bad about this game, and I just want to see what you all have to say about it. The thing that kind of makes me rethink about purchasing it is "how terribly easy" it is and how it's apparently very short. But of course that could very well be TTG's way of just introducing you to the system before making it rip-out-your-hair worthy or something. I just want to know what I'm getting into before I actually buy it.

    So what says you, kind people?
  • Well around here, obviously almost everyone loves it.

    It's way too easy and short. But it's also most likely it's just the introduction. And remember that the first episode is meant to be free, and the whole price of the game is counting that (25 dollars instead of 35).

    It's a good game though. The story is cool (not mind blowing, so far... I mean there's not a single "great" adventure game that doesn't have anything as good/better, but the best is coming, without a doubt !). The spirit from the movie is there, though some stuff are kinda far fetched.

    You should buy it. There's enough details to prove that Telltale will do everything they can to make those 5 episodes a great game. Episode 1 is just the start ;) .
  • If you're looking for a new Back to the Future story, check it out.

    If you don't care about BTTF, you can probably skip it.
  • The game is extremely easy, even if you turn hints off and never use the hint icon. It's easier than any previous Telltale game and probably easier than any game of it's type that I've ever played in my life. There really is no game here at all, you are not paying to play a game if you buy episode 1, because there's simply no game here to speak of.

    Animations and graphics are good, voicework is great, music is excellent, and the story works pretty well so far. I just wish they were rigged around something with even an ounce of substance.

    I'd like to note that the $25 pricetag includes all 5 episodes. So if episode 1 takes 2-3 hours, multiply that by 5 to get a "gameplay time" that accurately reflects the dollar-per-hour measurement.

    At this point? If you have concerns, I'd say to wait it out a bit. See what people think about other episodes and see if Telltale has a mid-season sale. You could also wait until February to grab a free copy of Episode 1, and judge for yourself.
  • I'd consider myself a rather harsh critic, and I'm extremely pleased with the game.

    Yeah, it's short (I finished it in a few hours while taking my time). But $25 for all 5 episodes, plus Puzzle Agent? Not a bad Christmas Eve present, and if you're a BTTF fan, don't waste your time waiting till February. I also got the free episode 1, and was annoyed...but it's worth buying now to put the impatience aside.

    Yeah, it's also easy. There are a few interesting puzzles but none of them are too difficult to figure out. I think if you're new to adventure games, it'll be a decent set of challenges that will get you accustomed to what you're in store for. It's also got a somewhat unofficial hint system in that Marty tends to straight up ask advice through dialogue if he's stumped, or 'feels' he needs advice. So you have the official hint system, and this more unofficial one to assist to in a more natural manner.

    The story fits in well with BTTF, even if a few bits seem overly cartoony. While there were some rather fantastical elements to the movies, it was all based on reality for the most part. That is the only gripe I have.

    It would be nice if they eventually included the hoverboard and driving the Delorean, but I feel like it'd be tough given the movement system. It's a bit awkward, so adding in support for those two might be weird.

    I'm frustrated that I'll have to wait till Feb to get the next bit of the story, but I believe they are definitely off to a great start.
  • CrazedCow22;429819 said:
    But $25 for all 5 episodes, plus Puzzle Agent? Not a bad Christmas Eve present
    Note: You don't get Puzzle Agent anymore, that was a pre-order incentive(and a damn good one at that, since it's a far superior game).
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