Future Game Suggestions.

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I just finished reading all 1331 pages of The One Volume Edition of Bone, and suggest everyone else do the same thing. It was an amazing week long experience. For those of you who have read the comics I wanted to start a forum where you could post comments on the books after Out From Boneville and how you hope they will be adapted. Also where do you hope for a lot of interactivity (and what kind of interactivity) and where do you want it to be strictly from the book?

Also, book three won't have it's own game (source), so how do you hope the events that take place be mixed into the other episodes?

I envision a lot of spoilers , so be careful if you haven't read the comics yet!


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    Bone is the best comic.
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    in the future games you get to play as other charcters maybe: for exsample in episode 9 there would be a level were you would have to guide Thorn to the Crown Of Horns and you can switch betwen her and Fone Bone who decided to go after her.:)
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    I would just wait until the THIRD game comes out...if it ever does...until we can make assumptions about the other books.
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