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WiiWare games for sale

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I know the WiiWare games by telltale are not on sale, but I was wondering if they could be. Or rather, can they be on sale? Have they ever been on sale? I know sales can happen on Wii downloadable games, because I bought two Sonic games for half price during a sale about a year ago. I already own 3 of the 10 games available, but $10 each is a little steep when they are available in bundles on the PC and PS3 for about $15 for 5 games. If they were to go on sale I would probably buy them all fairly quickly, even though they would still be going for $10 more per 5 than in the other forms. I know I could just download them on the PC, but I'm just not a fan of PC gaming. I like the Wii for these games because it is the only way to actually POINT and click rather than scrolling across the screen.
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