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Purchased games dissapeared, help!

posted by MadMarty on - last edited - Viewed by 120 users
Hello, I bought Tales of Monkey Island when it was first released. I played them, loved them.

I recently bought a new computer and wanted to try out a game, I thought that I would re-download one of the monkey island episodes to see how it goes.
When I logged on my account though, it says that I have never purchased anything!

I would send in my email but I don't have the order number.

Can somebody help me?
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    Macfly77 Moderator
    E-mail customer service at [email][/email] from the e-mail address that is linked to the account from which you purchased the game.
    They should be able to retrieve your order information.
    Keep in mind that this being Christmas weekend (and there is probably quite a backlog of Back to the Future tickets), it might be a few days before you hear anything.
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