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Everything Must Go!

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So I must have MVD surgery and well, telltale is now very low priority for me

Im looking to sell everything I have related to sam & max (quite a few neat items)
Some Im not sure what they are worth which is why im posting here.

I have pretty much everything sam and max ever sold by telltale
one thing I want an opinion on is the old
Fizzball print... mine is in decent condition but it would be hard to ship if sold and its the old paper
which brings me to lucasarts mags (every single one)
both pins
the pen
3d art relief (of the original game box cover)
stickers, old books and new, most have custom art in the fronts. some are personalized so I doubt anyone would pay much for those.

I also will be selling my L studio jacket from the S&M cartoon in canada.
Its in prestine condition, but wont fit tall or large people (im tall and its short in arms)

I wouldnt know how to price these things, I just know what I paid

any suggestions or shall I just ebay and see from there?
was thinking at least the devout would be here.. and im not amazon prices.
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  • I'd recommend auctioning them all on eBay, then posting here with the links. You might get more money than just selling them straight off, plus people may be more willing to buy with the backing of eBay's security.
  • ebay? secure?


    its paypal I trust not ebay.. and even then only until 30-45 days your covered.
    Ebay takes far to much and for not knowing what something is worth.. it would really suck to A. sell it for what I paid and know its far less than its worth
    B. have it go to someone not on site.

    if it was as easy as .. just tossing it on craigs list or ebay I wouldnt be here... now would I?

    suppose most just dont want S&M stuff. Minus the books.
    pinchpenny thanks for .. well not much help with the pricing.
    ive never had luck linking to ebay from forums..

    and ive sold stuff in the past for other reasons.
  • Fizzball Print pic?
    And I have absolutely no clue if I'll be able to buy any of this stuff.
  • I would certainly buy some of your stuff (especially the jacket since I lost the first one I saw on eBay a few years ago). But I wouldn't feel comfortable buying something off of a message board that doesn't set any ground rules about selling stuff...

    eBay is the best way to go. If I was selling these items, this is what I would try to sell them for:
    Fizzball Print - Not Sure since I've never seen one.
    Lucasarts Magazines (all) - $50-100
    Pins - $15-25 (I bought an used one for $10)
    Pen - $15-25
    3d Art Relief - I saw this on eBay for $169. Way too overpriced, I think. Maybe $50.
    Stickers - $10
    Books - Depends on the edition and what is in it. Try for regular prices.
    Jacket - Depends. One sold for around $200 (I think it was a large) while one sold for $100 (it was size small).

    Keep in mind, it's after the holidays and people are trying to save their money.
  • Do you have a picture of the Fizzball Print and could you specify what the books are and their condition.
  • I would absolutely buy something, especially if that something were a Season 1 Case File or either one of the two sketchbooks.
  • Fizzball print this is not my copy! just someone I founds in high res.
    It used to be sorta common on ebay but I got mine from steve.
    SORRY ITS SO BIG im bad with html picture sizing, there is a way to make this smaller until you click on it I believe (sorry mods)


    I have ever version of every book from purcell or telltale directly.
    every version but someone has dibs on the books for really cheap I think already
    what is "regualr price"
    its like I have all the ORIGINAL sam n max tee's but now they have the reprint so my original san diego shirt is what .. worth 20$ "regular price"?
    lost at what that means for the books!
    its again the main reason I posted no clue what that is as only amazon exists and books are rarely seen on ebay and if they are.. well they dont go for "regualr prices"
    also the old books used to be 100$ each now like 20$ each even for the old hard back.
    Sigh see my problem? lol

    As for the Jacket.. 100$ I paid more for it long ago... so yea thinking its worth in between 1-200$ its condition is perfect. (shipping is hard on it as its fully a flight jacket almost leather if not suade of sort lol)

    The 3d relief I bougt it for (yes high price but I was obsessed)125$ + shipping so selling it for 50$ might not work.. maybe 75 to start I want to try to at least make what I paid or close.
    but its a nice start thanks.

    pins are 25 minimun sealed in packages!
    no clue what used means unless you mean no bag, but then all pins are really used just with a bag or not.
    (mine are sealed in individual ziplock mini's)

    The lucasarts mags go for 5-10$ EACH sometimes less if you can find them at all. not sure though again some of the early ones have that paper comic fans love to hate.
    (new spray to neutralize it thats cheap now not lots like it used to be)

    I have a few season 1 case files (cant find the singles at the moment)
    as well as the bundle for season 1 that was a BUNCH of things one of which was the season 1 case file.
  • It sounds like you've practically sold the books, so I don't see the point in advertising them here. I don't understand what you want. Are you looking for pricing or are you looking for an offer by someone? I'd say you'd make more from posting your products on an internet auction site than posting them on a forum.
  • sausy my intent wasnt to sell them here, not fully
    it was more to get what the value would be when I do sell them..
    after which I was going to offer a discount if anyone wanted to buy such items that belonged to this sites forums.
    as for books no.. not ALL only the main two I think people are looking for, and im selling them retail, ("effigy" and "the age of") I think 20$ was retail
    but other books and even comics exist..
    why list them huh?
    im shocked at your hostility toward me.. seems unwarranted
    which book(s) were you looking for mate?

    EDIT: note the fizzball print says in the last box on bottom..
    "Thanks to Art Adams, Mike Mignola and Scott Mignola for selfless aid in
    research and development"

    Steve told me a story about how this was apparnently a real past time in his ahem past..
    :P kids dont try this at home.. even with soda!
  • I'm interested in buying "the age of s&m" from you. PM me please.
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