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  • "Abridged" means condensed, or shortened.
  • You might also want to use more voices than just you, or try to change your voice more, Sped up and slowed down voices can be too weird.
  • As a matter of fact, I'm currently holding auditions for the voice of Max (because - SPOILER ALERT! - Max's voice changes in Episode 2!)... as well as for characters that weren't in Culture Shock.

    As for the others from Episode 1, I'm gonna keep voicing them myself... yep, even Sybil!
  • lattsam;433229 said:
    Okay, it's me. 1) I only did this because I didn't appreciate being banned the first time around. I had to do this...

    2) I know that what I may have done to several people on this forum may have been wrong... but the truth is, I don't like when some people on this forum have done wrong to me. I have feelings too, you know.

    3)Anyway, I had to make the video because I don't think anyone has made an "abridged series" for the Sam and Max franchise. 4)I may have stolen jokes from LittleKuriboh, but I'll try to cut down on doing that in the future. 5) As for sound quality, I will use Audacity instead of Sound Recorder (which is what I used here).

    Please don't ban me again. I really want to be here.
    1) I don't think anyone appreciates being banned. ;)

    2) Everyone knows you have feelings. But sometimes one must be humble, (young grasshopper) in these circumstances. It's cool to stand up for what you think and believe. You were banned for a reason, though, and as snarky and hurtful as comments to your cause may have sounded, you shouldn't take these to heart. This is the internet, and whilst some etiquette would be nice, we have loose tongues and flamers here. Don't expect everyone to be nice. Sad but true.

    3) They certainly haven't, and good on you for being the first. :) I just think they would be incredibly difficult to abridge, seeing as they're incredibly slapstick material already. Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged worked because the show was trying to be serious (kinda). There's plenty to nitpick about Sam and Max, but the developers tend to do that already from time to time.
    Sam : You know, this factory layout looks eerily familiar.
    4) What makes a series is originality, not trying to ride onto the scene on someone else's work. (This isn't a jab at you, this is a general fact. Even if the material you're using is good, if a source is constantly used and if it's well-known material, people will perceive this as bad and lazy scriptwriting.) If you want to make a good series, you need to think hard about being original - something which is sadly difficult to do.

    (Pop culture references are fine, as long as they're not all you're riding on. Then again, the Simpsons have been using that formula for over 20 years... Maybe I should rethink that statement.)

    5) It's not the quality of sound recording you're lacking on, mate. But that's always good to prioritise.

    Apologies for sounding high-and-mighty.
  • If you send me a script or tell me what good lines from Max you'd like to hear, I can do a pretty interesting Max voice.

    But yeah If there was one part of that mess I actually liked it was "Driving!" (Also, Bosco is more purple coloured, but I don't think that matters too much)
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    Has it occurred to you that Abridged Serieses only work for things that are not already funnier than you can make them?
  • Fly;433609 said:
    Has it occurred to you that Abridged Serieses only work for things that are not already funnier than you can make them?
    Naruto wasn't funny to begin with, even when they try. Naruto Abridged was a little funnier than that so, yeah it gained a little fame.

    It was only funny in the "moo" part, and yeah they milked the hell out of it.
  • Falanca;433614 said:

    It was only funny in the "moo" part, and yeah they milked the hell out of it.
    I see what you did there.

    My question is, has anyone actually TRIED to abridge something funny before this?

    I know one for sure that it wouldn't work for, Bo-bobo Bo Bobo-bo. That was gag manga/anime on its own, ridiculous to new extremes.
  • Unlike most of the above, I'm going to say that this was not half bad!
    However the morphed voices were impossible to understand, kind of ruining the experience.

    Keep it up, but avoid voice morphing next time!
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    must, deliver, videos, for no reason
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