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About Tycho's wife...

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Well... I searched it but I didn't see anything about it so...

There's a line in the game that bugs me.
I'll try to write it down as best as I remember it so bear with me:

Heavy: You have a wife ?
Tycho: Not with me, no. But yeah, I have a wife.
Heavy: She is pretty ?
Tycho: The best. blah blah blah, red hair.
Heavy: She has the red hair ?
Tycho: No. She is not from the other team. You don't have to kill her.
Heavy: No, but I love the red hair.
Then the conversation continues.

That last line from Tycho is the one that bugs me. Why would Tycho think Heavy is going to kill Tycho's wife ?
She is red-haired. He is from the red team.
So, if anything, Heavy would be very friendly to Tycho's wife just like he is very friendly to Strong Bad.
Can somebody explain this to me ?
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