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Sam & Max Season 1 on Mac?

posted by levicious on - last edited - Viewed by 934 users
I purchased the Devil's Playhouse 3 season set but I run solely on Mac and can't play season 1! Still a pretty good deal with the new year discount, but I'd really like to be able to play season 1 =/

The thing that sucks is that it said the set was Mac/PC compatible but I didn't see any indication that it was only partially so.

Is season ever going to be released on Mac or did I waste (some) of my money?

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  • Sam and Max season 1 is currently only on PC, unfortunately. So, unless you've got the 'Bootcamp' program, or another application that allows you to play Windows games on the Mac, I'm afraid you can't run it. Sorry, mate. :/

    (Also, I think you double posted your topic. ^^; )
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    Macfly77 Moderator
    They are planning on making the game available for Mac in the future (as they will Strong Bad very soon and Wallace and Gromit) as stated in this slightly overly optimistic blog post.
  • There is this free WiNE thing called Play4Mac, If that doesn't work I suggest Crossover for Mac (Not Crossover Games, it wouldn't work for Crossover Games for me). If you can't afford that, then wait patiently, I'm waiting before I do a second play through.
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    Macfly77 Moderator
    CrossOver Games worked for me by following the "Telltale Tricks" on this page (I actually played TOMI via CrossOver Games - versions 7.2 and 8.0 - before the Mac version was released; it also worked for the 2 Bone games, the first 2 seasons of Sam & Max, Strong Bad's Cool Game for Amazing People, Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures and Telltale's Texas Hold'Em).
    It also happens to be $10 for about ten more hours on this website.
    You can always try the trial version to see if it works for you.
  • Macfly77;434475 said:
    Strong Bad's Cool Game for Amazing People
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    Macfly77 Moderator
    Strong Bad's Cool Game for Ambiguous people? Ambidextrous? Aquatic? Astonishing?? Apoplectic?!?!?
    Sorry, i'm drawing a blank...
  • sorry for the double post, the connection froze...

    thanks for the info on trying to get it going prior to Telltale porting. It's at least comforting to know that it will be ported at some point.

    It just would have been nice to know this information at some point between the "OMG all three season on Mac!" and giving them my credit card number.

    So is it totally worth my while to use a cross over or wait to play season 1 before 2 and 3? I'm sure that I'll miss some linked jokes here and there, but are the stories intertwined to the point that I should wait to get the full experience?

    Thanks for the feedback.
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    Macfly77 Moderator
    While you might miss a joke here and there (not too many, mind you), playing seasons 2 and 3 before season 1 should not ruin your enjoyment of the game (too much ;)) as the stories are not really intertwined.
    I love CrossOver Games and it was great being able to play TOMI at a time when no one expected a Mac port, but I don't think it's worth getting ONLY to be able to play season one of Sam and Max.
  • I saw a few references from Abe Lincoln Must Die which I played on Gametap a long time ago. Principally I'd like to play in order, but I'm not a man of rigid principles so...Here's to season 2!
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