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CSI Games on Steam??

posted by Cyphox on - last edited - Viewed by 1.5K users

does anybody know why i can buy only 1 of 4 CSI-Games made by Telltale and published by Ubisoft on Steam???

i mean... same developer, same publisher for all 4 games... i dont get it

are there any reasons for not selling the 3 other games on steam??? :confused:
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  • Since Ubisoft is the publisher, it is their decision as to if it goes to Steam or not.
  • damn you, ubisoft! *shakesfist*

    maybe someone in the ubisoft forums can give me an answer. i'm not very confident about getting a satisfying answer, though....

    edit: just asked in the steam forums too, lol.... AGAIN, i dont expect an answer....
  • The key thing is to avoid CSI: NY. Hard Evidence was brilliant, but the only other CSI game on Steam is some really bad hidden-object game. I mean, I like some hidden-object games, but when I load up a CSI game I expect CSI gameplay.
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