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The Dream Machine (it's an adventure game)

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It's pretty nice. Think Grim Fandango meets Wallace and Gromit or something.

There’s nothing else out there that looks like this game, and there’s precious little out there that plays like it. It’s a real treat. - RockPaperShotgun

this game is gay I don't even know what I'm trying to do
- SHODANFreeman


Play it here
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  • Is it from New Zealand?
  • taumel;437174 said:
    Is it from New Zealand?
    lmao, no. It's not underrated enough
  • Okay, i just wanted to be sure. Then i can give it a try. I already had my beer ready, just in case.
  • It's another great point&click adventure with puzzles which are not targeted at Palin voters and it even is crossplatform available, bought.
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    Jennifer Moderator
    I just played the first chapter. That was great! :)

    I love the art style. I love the story so far. I love the atmosphere. I want to see how it ends. I just hope they're able to make their deadlines for releases of the next three chapters.
  • Wow...this game is...well it's weird...and lol @ Shodan.
  • That seems really nice so far, beautiful animation.
  • It's a great adventure! Beautiful, different, interesting, finally something you don't need to feel ashamed playing as an adult. More realistic and still interesting problems instead of the pseudo crap they normally want you to care about. I dislike that i can't download and more own the game but the game is winning me on the other aspects so that i bite into this sour apple.

    Interesting characters, thoughts and dialogues, puzzle design so far is good but also not very good as well. The game just wins on the adult aspect, the style and the atmosphere. I'm very happy that thanks to the different development technologies and the digital distribution small indies get their chances and come up with such great adventures.

    In my opinion this and other games also illustrate how TTG is wasting all their ressources others could only dream of and somehow manage to come up with worse games with each release.

    Anyway back to the game, if you can get over the fact that you have to play it online, i recommend buying it, it's a great experience and also illustrates a better episodic gaming. The game is cheaper (€14) than a TTG season but also offers less content/playing time compared to pre BTTF episodes.

    So far a 9/10.
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